KONEXiON. Connection

 - Encounter yourself -


 KONEXiON offers:


Holisitic suppot and psychological advice.



For people alone, in partnership and for familiy systems.


Who aim at a happier & more self-empowered life.



My name is Matthias Nitschack.

I am the founder of KONEXiON.


KONEXiON helps you

to gain a happier life, shaped by your own freedom

and authentic relationships.


You decide about your life.

KONEXiON helps you to set it up.


Particulary often it reaches me queries

from people who have moved away from theire home country

(so-called EXPATS or  "third culture" people).


I feel a special connection to these people, due to that 

I know the feeling of being a stranger:

I have never in the same place for more than 7 years myself.


For several years now I have been live abroad again

- Peru and Brazil -

together with my peruvian wife and our 2 year old son.

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