In order to reach your goals, Balances will support you to face the following challenges:




       Relationship problems     

KONEXiON works with an integral and holistic method. As body, mind and soul are connected and influence each other continuously, only when those three entities are in balance, you can feel yourself indeed healthy.


Through several methodologies, whether for coaching or for therapy, KONEXiON helps you to understand the relationship between your body, mind and soul.



With the balances of  KONEXiON we overcome the classic analytical focus. As we know, our mind is only a small part of us. However, it gives us the impression that it can understand and control everything. 

The methodology of KONEXiON explores and connects your logic mind with your feelings and intuition. If necessary, we avoid the resistances that your mind formulates, and we communicate directly with your subconscious. In the first place, we work so you can adquire better consciousness about your needs. If you really know your needs and goals, that will automatically make you free. Consciousness means healing. And healing means transformation.



Through Balances, we estimulate and encourage the connection between the left part of your brain (analytical thinking) and right part (intuitive thinking). In that way, you can feel completely here and now. 







The hole is more than the sum of his parts


The grupal balances take place into a circle. The circle is an ancient form of union and symbolizes a conversation and profound listening, without hierarchy nor judgment. 



1. All the integrants from the circle are equal and have the same rights and responsabilities. (*) 

2. Each participant share at the circle what thinks is the best and should take responsibility over that. The same applies to requests. Contributions are always welcome.

3. Silence is understood as part of the conversation.


4. Evertyhing that happens into the circle, remains there.


 (*) At the grupal balances of KONEXiON there is the only one exception represented by the organizer/guide. He can start and close the encounter and moderate the turns for speaking. His rol also implies structuring the conversation in order to identify limiting subjective beliefs, find alternatives and balance them into the individual for its best integration.



To the grupal balance come people that are willing to share their inner self and that are willing to authentically connect with other people. We speak about our thoughts but mostly about our feelings. It´s magical to speak freely and with the group support about relevant issues for us. In each circle, the dynamic is respected and treated with softness, that way, the relevant issue can be easily revealed. Regardless of the moderator structuring the meeting, each individual present is an active part of it.


♂ Men´s circle



The Circle of Men is exclusively for the male sex. Here there is a space for addressing different topics and experiences of being a man, as well as other issue that arises. Being surrounded by individuals of the same sex provides stability, security and the possibility of charging with this male energy. 

I open this space with lots of dedication. Personally, I consider extremely valuable the honest and kind interchange between men. Through my long search, several men had provided me orientation and consolation and I am thankful to those partners to whom I could and can connect in that way. Since I became a father of a young boy, my position as man has changed and therefore had leaved behind the independent traveller role to welcome a calmly, more responsible role, to provide this example to my child.


I think it´s important to reflect and generate consciousness about this male energy as a very significant pillar that now constitutes my identity. With my work and this Circle of Men particularly, I intend to provide a mature healthy male energy that manifests “presence”, “creation” and “protection”.