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Wanderer, there is no path. You make the path by walking.
Antonio Machado




W h a t  m e a n s  KONEXiON ?


KONEXiON is a space that promotes the personal growth and self-reflection as well as encourages to practice the art of living well with your partner, family and community.


Through our diverse instruments, KONEXION intends to guide you to your own freedom and to be able to desing your life in the way that you decide and deserve. We provide you with the space, the technique and the professional guidance so you can feel your own essence and make those first steps towards your new life. Your initiative and your courage will not remain unacknowledged!


It will be a pleasure to accompany you in your process!





H o w  d i d  KONEXiON  a r i s e ?


KONEXiON emerges from the perspective that is not easy to walk in this world. It also comes from the desire to find an oasis of authentical encounter, truthful interactions and social learning. We are convinced that a fair and good world is possible, as long as any of us is willing to confront ourselves and our inner fears.


It is precisely in our times, in which structures and traditional values dissolve and we feel abandoned in something that can be called “personal freedom”, that there is a great opportunity but a great danger, too. For instance, the danger to buy a new ideology - such as finding happiness and success at all costs - without knowing what this really implies.  

Personal freedom accountability can be frightened and cause anxiety. After all, it is a challenge.



KONEXiON means union: only when you listen to your own feelings, integrate your dialogue-mind and trust in your heart, you can connect with your essence and live your full potential. Be authentical, live in the present. Flow. 





W h y  "KONEXiON" ?


Everything happens now and here.


In this world there is nothing isolated. Every extrem has an opposite side and, underneath both opposite sides, there is always a conexion: day and night, past and future, north-pole and south-pole, good and bad, strength and weakness.


And because every extrem pole is connected with its opposite side, this connexion that both extremes represent, can arise and become evident. If we stop thinking in opposite sides ("either... or...") and start focusing in the connexion ("bouth... and..."), then we can allow ourselves to integrate those shadows that we fiercely reject, those limiting beliefs, and transform them. As a result, new opportunities will open for us, often in an easier and more accesible way than before.

With the connexion between two people our life started. Binding is exactly this status that we deeply crave because only then we will feel complete: feeling connected with ourselves and with our loved ones; physically, like enjoying a good wine; intellectually, like engaging in the privacy of a book; and spiritually, when we live up to our inner values.


And when our life ends, we connect again, this time with the unknown. The circle of each existence closes. 



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